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First Need XLE ELITE Water Purifier
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on 6-14-2018.
Product Description
The First Need XLE ELITE water purifier is the only purifier certified to EPA Standards (cysts, bacteria and viruses) without using chemicals. This water purifier removes pesticides and provides deliciously refreshing water instantly on one pass through. Ecological, actually removes microbes using reliable molecular capture, it has ultrafine microstraining (to 0.1 microns) and other purification mechanisms. This filter features a self-cleaning pre-filter which extends the time between main cartridge cleanings. The cartridge is designed to mount directly to trail and bike bottles and dromedary bags. The sealed canister protects users from accumulated cysts. Includes a 36 inch long hose to dip into water source. Includes tote bag and gravity feed kit. Key Features:.Made in the USA.Cleanout Port extends cannister life..Average Flow Rate: 2qt per minute.Average Cannister Capacity: 180 gallons.Temperature Range: 33F (.5 c) to 100F (38 c).Micron Retention: 0.4.Weight: 16 oz.Pump Length: 6.25.Tube Length: 36.
Reviews From Buyers
I have been using this model of First Need Purifiers for 9 years. Along with this purchase, I suggest you also purchase a replacement filter ($50), and a wide mouth one liter BPA-free water bottle for each person going to use the purifier, although you can pump into any kind of container, I feel it is \"safer inch to screw onto a water bottle. This recent purchase is for my parent's \"Hurricane Kit\"..... I have one for my \"Earthquake Kit\", and keep one with my backpacking gear. In the \"aftermath inch of a catastrophe, it is comforting to know you can have potable water without disease or chemical contamination--definitely worth the $100-$130 to live!!Purifier weight is 16oz--Treats 180 gallons (681 liters) with one cartridge--I keep count with liters treated with sharpie mark on filter.I've treated water from mud puddles to animal drinking ponds, with no issues. Very pleased with performance and ease of use. It has withstood the abuse of long backpacking trips and scouts!! Only drawback is cleaning and drying it for storage--but isn't that with anything??
First Need XLE ELITE Water Purifier

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