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Click here to buy Tram 1610-HC 5' VHF Marine Antenna by TRAM.
Tram 1610-HC 5' VHF Marine Antenna
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on 1-23-2018.
Reviews From Buyers
This is a great value because it also includes the antenna mount. The mount is adjustable in two ways so it can be mounted on angled surfaces. A quick flip of the lever allows you to lay the antenna down if going under bridges or into a garage.The 5' length is the right size for a small boat. Antennas do not amplify radio signals. Higher dB ratings are achieved by condensing the signal into a narrow beam. Viewed from the side, the signal from a 3dB antenna might look like an invisible doughnut, while the signal from a 6dB antenna might look more like an invisible pancake. Small boats rock with the waves throwing the narrow signal up into the air or down into the water. That is why 3' antennas are commonly used on sailboat masts. they need the wider beam.
  • Covers all marine-band frequencies
  • Heavy-duty fiberglass construction
  • Gain: 3 dB

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